Change doesn't have to be difficult. Are you making a few simple tweaks to your lifestyle?  Or are you embarking on a huge change?   Sounding rather difficult? Play Isa GAME On and it will be fun instead.

Compliance is the challenge.  You already know exactly what to do!   The challenge is doing it, especially at first --- and then day after day.  Enter Isa GAME On!   Change - big or small - is fun, fullfilling and doable!

You play on a team of 4 to 11 members who support, encourage and motivate you.   
You compete with other teams for cash and prizes.  You are part of a committed and loving community.   You focus on your accomplishments, not your mistakes.   You share laughter, love and momentum with hundreds of players who share a common goal.


We've got you covered!  We've included them all.   All those thing you know you should do but life gets in the way.   You'll get adequate sleep.   You'll exercise for 30 minutes a day.   You'll drink enough water so you are properly hydrated.   You'll quickly discover that life is easier when you do these things.

Within the first few days you will understand!   Life with cleansing, nutrition and anti-aging protection compared to life without is black and white.   

We are honored to partner with Isagenix.  Our research shows that Isagenix is the stand out leader in the wellness industry.   Without it, exercise is actually abusive to your body. Without it, losing weight destroys lean muscle tissue.   Without it, cravings or food addictions turn you into a robot.   Ask yourself "What's Aging You?"    Have you wondered "Are You Toxic?"  

If your soul is cared for, you can do anything.   So we included lots of support for your soul.   You'll be inpired every day from Angel's fabulous blog.   You are supported by your team, your communication group and hundreds of players in each round.   Your self respect grows when you break a bad habit and develop a good one.   You serve other players.   And the granddaddy of it all is the check marks!   For that tiny moment when you put your check marks on your scorecard, you connect with the real you, the powerful, capable, beautiful you.   And, my friend, all of that combine is support for your soul.  


Paul Zane Pilzer (author, speaker, economist)  says it best! There are two races emerging in society: the healthy and the sick.   Why is an economist recognizing this issue!   Because sick, fat and out of shape people are passed over for promotions, make less money,  and face economic ruin as health care costs increase and insurance benefits shrink!  Even more concerning is the fact that the media, marketing and poor quality food are rapidly moving more and more people into the unhealthy race.   I, for one refuse!   It's time to do something! Play Isa GAME On and join the healthy race!