From day to day living in our culture and environment, our bodies become substantially out of balance. Our PH is off, our sugars are high, our brain chemistry is off, our hormones are out of balance and our metabolism is low. The BODY BALANCING scorecard gently yet effectively brings the body back into balance.

  • What is the objective? This scorecard is one of our most popular cards. It is easy to follow and blends into even the busiest lifestyle.

    • It begins the cleansing process in addition to balancing the body.
    • If your goal is to cleanse your body, prepare with this card followed by the DEEP CLEANSE scorecard.
    • If your objective is to improve your health, play this scorecard repeatedly.
    • If your focus is to lose weight, this card is a terrific alternate to the FAT BURNING scorecard.
  • What are the benefits? It is difficult to know where to begin!   Every part of your body, mind, soul and spirit benefit from this scorecard.   

    • Excellent place to start your journey
    • Gently balance and cleanse with minimal effort
    • Rebuilds lean muscle including heart, lungs, and circulatory system
    • Balance your body in preparation for the DEEP CLEANSE
    • No full day cleansing
  • What will my schedule be? Each of the 11 days are the same EXCEPT for your cleanse juice.
    Every Day:  

    Replace two meals with IsaLean Shakes (optional IsaLean Bar).   

    Take 1 Accelerator Capsule (on an empty stomach) in the morning and in the early afternoon. (Not required if you do not need to lose weight)   

    Drink 1/2 ounce of Ionix Supreme each morning and evening.   

    Eat an approved snack or 2 Snack Wafers in mid morning and again in mid afternoon.   

    Eat one 400-600 calorie meal.

    Alternating Every Other Day:
    Drink one servings of Cleanse for Life juice at bedtime, with water and on an empty stomach (no food for 3 hours before).