CLEANSING YOUR CELLS BRINGS DOWN YOUR SUGAR LEVEL!   It's a fact.   And a very important fact.   Giving your body fabulous nutrition helps your body balance sugars.   Combine the two and your body can makes some valuable progress.  The goal is to keep your sugars under control while you go through the process.   The DEEP CLEANSE FOR SUGAR ISSUES scorecard will help you do that.  

Doing a DEEP CLEANSE, is like having your teeth cleaned - you need to do it about twice a year. It is critically important for those of us who manage sugar issues. Schedule a DEEP CLEANSE every six months and keep your body clean and healthy!

      • What is the objective? To guide players who struggle with sugar issues through a DEEP CLEANSE. To teach ways to adjust the typical program to help keep sugars balanced through the process.

        • What are the benefits?
              • Cleanse the body and manage sugars
              • Flood the body with much needed nutrition and help the body adjust
              • Reduce the cravings for sugars and simple carbohydrates
              • Release fat through cleansing compared to lose weight by starving your body
              • Give your body extra tools so it can do it's best job of keeping you healthy

        • What will my schedule be? You will have CLEANSE DAYS and SHAKE DAYS. In each case, the daily activities are slightly tweaked to give additional attention to balanced sugars
          Shake Days:  

          Drink four 1/2 portions of IsaLean Shakes (optional IsaLean Bar) each day.    

          Eat 2 smart mini meals with 300 calories each.   

          Take an Accelerator mid morning and mid afternoon.   

          Use your favorite Isagenix products as usual.

          * NOTE   The objective is to keep your sugars balanced as your body begins to cleanse.   Most likely, after a week or so you will be able to have a whole shake in one serving without spiking your sugars.   However, the body releases more weight more quickly if you continue the ½ shake routine.

          Cleanse Days:  

          Drink four servings of Cleanse for Life juice evenly spaced throughout the day (typically every 4 hours)

          Take 1 Accelerator Capsule mid morning and mid afternoon.

          In between each serving of Cleanse for Life juice, eat 1 to 2 Isagenix Snack wafers. With sugar issued, you may do better eating 1 snack every hour or so.

          In the event that your sugar begins to get low, eat 1/8 apple