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It is truly amazing.   Simply replace your breakfast with the "Best Breakfast" in the world and your body screams, "Thank you!"  

Add Cleanse for Life Juice and really love your body! (optional)

The BEST BREAKFAST scorecard may be the perfect choice for you.   Economical way to get started!   Players participate as "Off the Charts" players, enjoy the synergy of the game and qualify for all of the drawings.    However, players using the BEST BREAKFAST scorecard may not play as "Official Players" or win the cash bonus. 

      • What is the objective? To provide your body with the Best Breakfast possible - a super food!
          • If your goal is to eat the most nutrient dense food on the planet play this scorecard repeatedly.
          • If your objective is to balance your PH play this scorecard repeatedly.
          • If your focus is to build lean muscle including heart, lungs, circulatory system, etc. play this scorecard repeatedly.

    • What are the benefits?    
          • Energy, stamina and feeling great!
          • Rebalance your body
          • Love your liver
          • Easy and inexpensive
          • Simple and effective
    • What will my schedule be? Each of the 11 days are the same EXCEPT for your OPTIONAL cleanse juice.
      Every Day:  

      Replace breakfast with an IsaLean Shake.   

      Eat a 100 calorie snack mid morning and mid afternoon.

      Eat two healthy meals.

      OPTIONAL: Alternating Every Other Day:
      Drink 2 - 4 ounces of Cleanse for Life juice at bedtime and on an empty stomach (no food after 7 pm).