While the Cleanse For Life Juice is fabulous and the benefits of deep cleansing are profound, there are people who can not cleanse. Use the NON CLEANSING card and enjoy all the benefits of Isa GAME On! without using the cleanse juice.

        • What is the objective? This scorecard is for people who are on certain medication or who have specific health issues that prohibit them from cleansing. If you have questions, talk with your captain or leader. 
        • What are the benefits?
              • The very finest quality nutrition available.
              • Simple to follow and easy to adhere to
              • Rebuild lean muscle including heart, lungs, circulatory system etc.
              • More energy
              • Better sense of wellbeing
              • Excellent support to any wellness program
  • What will my schedule be? Each of the 11 days are the same.   

Every Day:  

Drink two IsaLean Shakes (optional IsaLean Bar)

Take 1 IsaOmega gel capsule or the Agless Essentials Daily AM PM packs

The IsaCalcium, IsaFruits, IsaGreens, and FiberPro can be added to you shake or mixed separately in water

Eat three mini meals.   Examples of healthy mini meals:




Turkey Sandwich on Whole Wheat bread (tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, etc.)
Cucumber Slices


Brown Rice
Chicken Breast