The responsibility to nourish and protect your baby begins before the baby's birth and continues on through nursing. As mothers we seek to do everything we can to ensure our children are happy, healthy and safe. Quality nutrition is a huge part of this responsibility, not only in the womb and in the world, but also for the mother prior to conception.

        • What is the objective? This scorecard is the answer for pregnant and nursing moms. It provides a simple and powerful daily routine that infuses you and your baby with nutrition. Even your OBGYN will notice!  
        • What are the benefits?
              • The very finest quality nutrition available for both mom and baby
              • Simple to follow and easy to adhere to
              • Proper weight gain, more muscle retention
              • More energy
              • Better sense of wellbeing
              • Improved quality of milk and milk supply
  • What will my schedule be? Each of the 11 days are the same.   

    *** IMPORTANT NOTE: As pregnant or nursing mothers, we need a few minutes each day for personal time.     A time to rejuvenate, to reconnect with ourselves, to reset ourselves.   It is listed in the Lifestyle section of your scorecard.  Don't skip this.   It is invaluable to you, your health and to those around you inculding your new baby.

Every Day:  

Drink two IsaLean Shakes (optional IsaLean Bar)

Take 1 IsaOmega gel capsule

The IsaCalcium, IsaFruits, IsaGreens, and FiberPro can be added to your shake or mixed separately in water

Eat three mini-meals.   Examples of healthy mini meals:




Turkey Sandwich on Whole Wheat bread (tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, etc.)
Cucumber Slices


Brown Rice
Chicken Breast

  • Note: For Nursing Moms - Be wise. Adding significant exercise or cutting calories further than recommended can impact your milk supply. In the rare event that your milk begins to decrease, talk with your captain or leader.