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Athletes.   Those people who are active, competitive or in training. From the weekend warrior to the professional athlete, the daily "walker" to the marathon runner.  

We demand a lot from our bodies.    And we need to take care of them.

      • What is the objective? This scorecard is, perhaps the most surprising to our players. Most athletes have done their research and support their bodies with additional sources of nutrients. Each has his favorite - that is, until they play this scorecard. Then suddenly they discover a whole new level of performance.
          • If your goal is to increase your speed of recovery, follow this scorecard every day.
          • If your objective is to change up your body composition play this scorecard repeatedly. You will be astounded at the results.
          • If your focus is to increase your stamina, endurance and strength, this card is a terrific.

    • What are the benefits?    
          • Most complete and advanced nutritional support available
          • Cleanse while you sleep
          • Balance your chemistry and hormones
          • Enjoy Reduced Cravings
          • Rebuild after training. Restore after performance.
    • What will my schedule be? Each of the 11 days are the same EXCEPT for your cleanse juice.
      Every Day:  

      Drink two IsaLean Shakes (optional IsaLean Bar) each day Add additional protein to one or both (IsaPro).   

      Eat 3 Mini Meals each day.   

      Drink 2 ounce of Ionix Supreme each morning and evening.   

      Drink one to two servings of Want More Energy each day.

      Every Other Day:
      Also drink one servings of Cleanse for Life juice at bedtime and on an empty stomach.