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This is the most important scorecard of all. Maintaining great health is an ongoing process. We don't ever "arrive". Once we reach our weight and health goals, we can't just quit! Our bodies require daily support and nourishment.   How crazy to think your body can produce the required One Billion - yes, with a "B" BILLION - new cells every 60 seconds on a diet of coffee, donuts, mac 'n' cheese and diet sodas!  Feeling good  is a choice we make, each and every day.

        • What is the objective? * Play this scorecard when you are at your goal weight, resolved joint pain, reached your health goal or completed a Semi-annual, International DEEP CLEANSE round.   You worked hard, met your goal and now it's time to stabilize your progress.

        With this card you are able to customize your program to meet your specific needs. Using the knowledge you have gained while playing Isa GAME On!, select personal choices including things like healthy 100 calorie snacks, IsaDelights, Want More Energy, Ageless Joint Support or other Isagenix Products, and favorite healthy items.

      • What are the benefits?    
            • Provides the full spectrum of nutrition and supplementation your body needs to stay strong
            • Easy, simple and fits in the busiest schedule.
            • Keep your body in balance
      • What will my schedule be? Each of the 11 days are the same EXCEPT for your cleanse juice.
        Every Day:  

        Replace one meal with IsaLean Shakes (optional IsaLean Bar). Typically breakfast.   

        Take the Ageless Essentials with Product B AM PM pack each day   

        Drink 1 ounce of Ionix Supreme each day.   

        Eat two reasonable meals.

        Complete your customized portion of the scorecard daily.

        Alternating Every Other Day:
        Also drink 2 ounces of Cleanse for Life juice at bedtime and on an empty stomach (no food after 7 pm).